One of the fundamental factors in a manufacturing plant is the design and optimization of manufacturing and test processes. However, for the optimization of test processes, process engineers required to know it in and out including the sequence of all technical operations, segments of test softwares and it’s parameters, therefore it can only be changed by the help of the manufacturer.

For this problem, Airmatic Ltd. developed AirStudio, which is a development environment for process engineers, and which allows the user to provide manufacturer specific function blocks to program test sequences without stopping the actual production.

What’s new in AirStudio:

– Test-oriented sequence editor with advanced debugger.
– Real-time scripting engine with deterministic 1ms cycle time.
– Continuous data recording with advanced analysis tools.
– Simple software and hardware configuration without programming.
– Easy integration of new hardware thanks to the hardware abstraction layer.
– Step by step run, slow motion run.
– No hardware required, simulated run.

Smart IRIS

Assembly process supervisor system which guides the operator interactively during the assembly process of a product.

Airmatic Player

Analitic tools to aid sequence optimization.

Airmatic Player requires the LabVIEW Run-Time 32 bit environment to run.