We know that our future success requires eternal innovation and confidence. Our goal with continuous product development and R&D projects, is to constantly develop our products and services, thereby manufacture innovative and high technology content products and software for our partners.

To be the best, to provide innovative and complex solutions, give value to our clients and thereby become preferred suppliers.


– We know that if we do what we love, what we believe in, success will come by itself. Exactly for this reason, for us the most important is the satisfaction of our clients, to provide for their needs and expectations by the highest possible quality service.
– We are committed to achieving the highest level of client satisfaction.
– We are committed to innovation and continuous development.
– We believe that every employee should feel the responsibility related to his/her work, should consider the interests of the owners.
– We are proud that we develop innovative products, services and processes, with the help of creative employees and teamwork.
– We like thinking in a complex way.
– We adapt to changes and we apply sophisticated technologies.
– We do everything with integrity, we are respectable and we respect our commitments.
– We value each other’s and our clients’ time, trust and opinions.
– We value and respect our employees, the care and attention towards each other that binds the Airmatic community together.
– We respect each other the same way we respect our clients.
– We provide a proper work environment to our employees.
– We are not afraid to share our opinions with each other, and listen to everybody’s opinion.
– We openly discuss what we expect from each other.