The goal of our company is to further increase our business success and expand our market position.
For this purpose, we developed and we operate a quality management system that complies with the requirements of the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard. This facilitates the functioning and development of our processes, thereby proper work performance, and it ensures the regular inspection of our activity.
The expectations of the companies that operate in our professional and physical vicinity and our clients are our primary concerns, which the company focuses on during every operation.
As the official Hungarian installer of National Instruments™, we consider quality as one of the most expeditious and effective tools to retain and expand our current market position as well as to achieve business success. We regularly review legislative and regulatory changes that are relevant to the activity of our organization. We fully apply and comply with the specified requirements.
Our strategy is to create harmony between ergonomic design and implementation in the instruments manufactured by the company, test benches, with the highest achievable safety and efficiency. Accordingly, we developed a universal control software to standardize our systems.
As the Managing Director of Airmatic KFt, on behalf of myself and the management, I am committed to the company’s future and the realization of the goals set by our quality policy, the continuous development of our quality management system, as well as to the operation of a quality management system which encompasses the entire company, to ensure that our products and services satisfy customer requirements from all aspects.
The management of AIRMATIC KFt guarantees that all of our employees understand, embrace and support our quality policy. The management undertakes an exemplary leadership role in the maintenance of our quality management system. We ensure that every employee performs his/her tasks with personal responsibility for quality, by signing their names, they are aware of the regulations of the quality management system, and improving quality is part of their everyday work.
The management of AIRMATIC KFt devotes highlighted attention to ensure that our products and services satisfy customer requirements to the maximum level.

Kecskemét, 2017.01.01.

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