LabVIEW Real-Time – Complex pneumatics-based gas valve measurement system

Implementing a complex pneumatic-based gas valve measurement system utilizing National Instruments DAQ technology

Recently, we worked on software for a measuring device that was complex in terms of its functionality. The measuring system performs measurements on a gas valve using complex pneumatic connections and precise measuring tools.

One of the biggest challenges was that we had to calibrate the measuring system so precisely that the measurement results would fully meet the client’s expectations. To achieve this, we performed numerous tests and continually improved the software and the pneumatic connections.

Another challenge was that we had to continuously communicate with the client about the status of the project and the measurement results to ensure that the final product would meet their needs.

The measuring device is operated by an operator and engineers have various options for modifying and fine-tuning the measurement process. This allows them to make adjustments and ensure that the measurements are as accurate as possible.

Finally, we were able to complete the measuring system and software, which met the client’s expectations. Through this project, we learned a lot about pneumatic connections and precise measurements, which will be useful for future projects.

In this particular case, the measuring device was required for the introduction of a new product, which added to the complexity of the project and the need to ensure the quality of the product met the client’s expectations.

Precise gas valve measurement with NI DAQ technology

At our company, we use National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ) cards in our measuring equipment. These cards provide us with a high level of accuracy and precision, as well as ease of use, which is essential for our measuring processes. The intuitive software that comes with the cards makes it easy for our engineers and scientists to set up and configure measurements, and the wide range of connectivity options allows us to connect to a variety of devices. We have found that using National Instruments DAQ cards in our measuring equipment has greatly improved the efficiency and reliability of our data acquisition processes.