ABS brake valve production line

  • Semi-automatic assembly line with 3 workplaces and 13 automatic stations;
  •  Assembly / test parameters – results stored in the RFID and reported to the SQL server;
  • Automatic palette traffic control based on the RFID status and line availability;
  • Control system: 2 pcs of National Instruments PXI Real-Time controllers with LabView.
Automatic operations
  • BOSCH REXROTH palette conveyor system;
  • Silicon sealing by a KUKA robot;
  • Electric screwdrivers with XY positioning systems and self-developed screw feeders;
  • Spring sorting and feeding;
  • Product final tests.
Assembly process control
  • Control assembly process by a „pick to light” system;
  • Electric work instruction is connected to Pick to light system;
  • Component presence check by smart camera systems;
  • Critical components are assembled in pokayoke fixtures;
  • Check screw length during screw feeding (detect screw type);
  • Check spring length during spring feeding;
  • RFID tracking system;
  • Barcode based product identification (database storage);
  • Poka-yoke assembly sets and part storages.
Automatic test stations
  • Automatic product transfering and clamping;
  • Measuring the following parameters: electric characteristics, opening times in 1 ms range, leakages, pneumatic functions;
  • Store measurement results in the RFID tag.